Barbados crime and safety for travelers 2019

The U.S. State Department advises travelers to use normal precautions when traveling to Barbados. There are some areas of Barbados that have increased risk due to crime and travelers are advised to avoid those locations.

Is it safe to travel to Barbados?

According to the State Department, crimes in high traffic areas tend to be opportunistic in nature and visitors may feel harassed by individuals or groups offering items for sale, including drugs. Most crime in Barbados is petty theft, however violent crimes do occur and some tourists reported that they were victims of date rape drugs, such as rohypnol that were slipped into food or drinks. Travelers should take care not to leave food or drinks unattended.

Any travel outside of tourist areas should be done with caution, especially at night due to unmarked and unlighter roads. Travelers should not leave valuables unattended in public areas or unsecured hotel rooms or rental properties.

Due to high crime, do not travel to the following areas:

  • Crab Hill, St. Lucy
  • Ivy, St. Michael
  • Nelson Street, Bridgetown (at night)
  • Wellington Street, Bridgetown (at night)
  • Jolly Roger and Buccaneer Cruises (at night)

Used increased caution in the following ares:

  • Black Rock
  • Deacons
  • Carrington Village
  • Green Fields
  • New Orleans
  • Pine

For emergencies while in Barbados dial 311 for fire, 211 for police and 511 for ambulance.

Barbados health issues

Healthcare if good for the region, but medical transport can take hours to respond and ambulance attendants are not allowed to provide lifesaving techniques during transport. Double check that your health insurance plan provides coverage in Barbados. You may want to consider buying supplemental travel insurance to cover evacuation.

The following diseases are present in Barbados:

  • Chikungunya: Mosquito-borne virus.
  • Dengue: Mosquito-borne virus
  • Zika: Mosquito-borne virus

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